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Our Services

We want you to experience how amazing it feels when your spine is working well

How do we do this?


To achieve this the first step we take is to listen and gather information. We listen to your health concerns, gather information about what’s happening with your body, and learn about your health journey to date. 


Then we feel your spine and take you through the objective tests that will tell us what your body is doing. We may also request scans or x-rays which can provide us with further information.


From here we create a plan of action to get you back on track. On occasion we collaborate with other health professionals to address physical, nutritional or emotional concerns to ensure you can function at your best. 


For animals ...


Just like people, canines and horses have a spine and nervous system too, which can benefit from chiropractic care. When the spine is moving well, there will be accurate communication within the body via the nervous system. For a horse this allows them to be more comfortable during riding, and for both canines and horses alike this allows them to respond to instructions and react to their environment. Chiropractic care can support animal health, performance, recovery and longevity. 


Child Initial Consultation 


Horse Initial Consultation


Canine Initial Consultation

Adult Initial Consultation

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